Husband Scarf

I made this scarf for my husband and he LOVES it!!!

Husband Scarf Crochet Pattern - Free!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick
Yarn Weight: Super Bulky, 6 oz, 106 yards
Color: 149 Charcoal
Balls of Yarn: 3.5
Needle: I-5.50mm and N-9.00mm

Husband Comments: I love this scarf because it is long. Most scarves are not long enough.

Husband Scarf Pattern:
Row 1: Use N Hook to Chain 275, Chain 3, turn (It's REALLY long. You could stop at 225 chains for adults and 175 chains for children). Using the larger hook prevents the scarf from curving because the first chain row typically is tighter.

Row 2: Use I Hook to Double crochet in next stitch (front loop), then double crochet until end of row, chain 3, turn.

Row 3: Double crochet in next stitch. Chain 2. Double crochet in next 2 stitches. Repeat to end of row. Chain 3. Turn. (This added a simple design element - see close up photo.)

Row 4: Double crochet in first 2 stitches. Double crochet in the space. repeat to end of row.

Rows 5-8: Double crochet in each stitch (2 loops) to end of row. Chain 2. Turn.

Row 9: Double crochet in each stitch to end of row. Slip stitch to end. Cut end and thread through.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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I made several modifications for different people that I made the scarves for.

Modification One:
For my son who has a gray and orange coat, I chained Row 1, did 3 Double crochet rows, then did Row 3 as above, followed by another 3 rows. Then I chain stitched orange thread and passed through the loops (as in Row 3 above). At the ends, I wrapped around the edge and threaded through.

Modification Two:
For my daughter who is just six years old, I skipped Row 3 (as above) and only did 6 rows. 

Modification Three:
My husband wanted another scarf that was thinner. I skipped Row 3 and just did a total of 6 rows and used a lighter weight yarn. The effect is a "dressy" scarf instead of a warm weather scarf.